By Ed Fluck

Look for reviews on any aftermarket company you are thinking of spending your hard earned money with.
Take 5 minutes and do a Google search on a business name that you are not familiar with; or haven't dealt with in a w
Specifically type in the "business name" + "complaints" to see if anything shows up in a Google search; and evaluate it on its own merit.
Some companies start out good and then fizzle out, burning customers in the process.
There are sites out there where customers can leave complaints and warnings if they've been ripped off or mistreated
by any particular resin caster or other business in the hobby.

Ask friends or your model club 'community' if they've had any experience dealing with a company that is new to you.
Check to see if the resin caster (business owner) makes themselves easily accessible.
If they've set up barriers to keep the public and customers at arm's length...... Be very cautious!
Some may use eBay or a personal Facebook page instead of an 'open' business page.
This is often done so that they can control how much interaction they have with their customers;
and moderate the public remarks posted about them if it is not flattering.

They may also hold you off until you cannot leave feedback anymore by giving you an ever changing list of excuses.
These type of individuals start stiffing customers without fail- keeping their money,
not sending out product and then go into hiding until the heat dies off;
only to reemerge a few years later under a new name or in a different venue to repeat the process.
If a resin item is listed on eBay; it should already be cast up before hand!

Supporting a resin caster (or any other business) who directly copies other companies' product hurts everyone.
The guy that spent all those long hard hours making the original product loses greatly; and may stop making new items.
Then all the public will be left with is a poor quality knock-off sold by someone lacking in ethics and morals.

Every business has a history- a track record that can be used to help you make the best possible choice as a customer.
Know what to expect before you part with your money to some unscrupulous and un-reliable resin caster.
Professional looking photos do not equate to proper customer service or a quality product.

Drag City Casting & Speed City Resin strive to treat our customers with the respect they deserve while offering the best product possible. 
We thank you for your business.