Print this out and follow these simple instructions in sequence for an easier build experience.

1. BODY - Remove all flash on body first. (Do not remove hole for blower at this time)
(If your body has a warp? Warm it with hot water or slightly with a hair dryer and bend to straighten)

2. INTERIOR TUB & FLOOR - Clean and assemble all 5 pieces together.

4. CHASSIS - Remove all flash from Chassis.  (Do not drill out holes at this time). Make sure the Chassis & Interior Tub fit together.
Holes can also be painted flat black if desired.

5. Align "Zoomie Funnels" to the exhaust holes in trunk and tape the "Zoomie Funnels" to the inside of body.

6. Place Interior Tub into the body and align the interior tub to the "Zoomie Funnels” (still taped to body).
Then Super Glue "Zoomie Funnels" to the Interior Tub. (Do not glue anything to body in this step).

7. ROLL BARS - Tape the Interior Tub to Chassis and use 0.80" round tube to build your Roll Bars.

Here is a numbered "printable photo" for you to create the roll bars in sequence.
Starting with the main hoop #1 that comes out of the roof, it would be wise to pin those 2 tubes with brass or piano wire to plug into frame.
(After finished, all roll bars should be removable from the frame).
Notice how the Roll Bar down tubes should fit right behind the first hole in frame. (This is so the headers will fit).
8. Use 0.80" plastic sq. tube to extend frame rail pieces to meet the front Roll Bars. (Do not glue anything to the Frame or Roll Bars).
9. SHOCK TOWER - Super Glue the top of Shock Tower to Frame Rails.
(If wanting poseable front wheels) - Don’t glue anything down to frame yet, as you will need to install the front axle later.

If not making posable wheels, you can add a .080" hollow round tube at this time for a hollow straight axle and glue everything down to the frame.
You can also insert a .045" round tube into the .080" straight tube for a rolling axle.

The Shock Tower is designed using our "AFX Skinny Front Tires" and "American 12 Spoke Mag Wheels".
Using any other tire/wheel combination will result in a different front wheel stance.