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Your stuff is one step beyond top notch! Steve Sharp.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order from you, and I am very pleased.
I am going to be ordering more from you in the coming days.
Thank you so, so much for providing me with a quality product that I can depend on!
You’re the best!
Maxx Kominsky

I got my order yesterday, your stuff is NICE. I expect you will see another order from me in the near future.
Thanks again for the prompt communication, fast shipping, great product and most important (to me anyway), an easy transaction.


Received my '67 AWB Camaro today...as always super craftsmanship on your end.
Extremely fast shipping to go along with fantastic resin...been using you since the beginning of " Speed City Resin".
  Thanks for "extra" info etc.  Feel free to use my reply for your superior products and service.  Larry

Hello, Just wanting to say that I received the 2 Buick Skylarks and the 3 reareand kits
and I just needed to say how unbelievably awesome and perfect everything is and I could not be happier.
Thanks Scott and have a happy memorial day weekend. Jeff Hughes

"Thanks so much for making my first ever resin build a success.  Having heard many resin horror stories,
I was very pleased to find that the resin was easily manipulated and was a joy to work with.
I am already planning on more builds using Speed City Resin kits. "
Thanks again, Mark Mucciacciaro

Got the Bronco Buster Funny Car..... WOW
I've never seen such clean crisp casting, I swear it looks like it was injection molded. THANKS! Paul Drago

My Pinto Modified Also Utilizes Speed City's Hilborn Chevy (small block) Manifold & 7" Stacks.
I Love This Manifold Casting & The Formed Metal Stacks!
You Do A Real Good Job On Those! I Can Honestly Say I've NEVER Seen Better!
Shawn Laehn

I just received my first "Speed City Resin" order.
This is my third such order for specialized resin parts for projects, all from different vendors. Yours is by far the best of them.
The '65 Barracuda parts from Speed City is stunningly crafted, with such immaculate detail, it blows away assembly line produced kit cars.
For my current project I bought the Hurst Hemi Under Glass kit as a donor.The body detail alone is very superior to the stock 'Cuda kit body.
The hood, bumpers, tires and especially the grill are outstanding as well. Thanks for the quality.  Feel free to add my comments with the other satisfied customers if you like.
Don McPheeters

Just wanted to let you know I got the bodies last Friday and Saturday...and, as usual, I had to pick my jaw up from the floor!!!
You NAILED it on the Mr. Unswitchable!!! And even drip mouldings?!?! WOW!!! Amazed, this body is FLAWLESS in my eyes!!!
Your attention to detail, not settling for "just enough", and to strive for authenticity are what really sets you apart from the others!!
Also pleased with the '67-'68 Barracuda Funny Car bodies!! Definitely need to order more sometime,
but for now I'd better start BUILDING some of these!!! LOL!!!
Thanks so much, Scott, and really curious to see what's coming next!!!

I have to say your selection of kits, bodies and parts is unparalleled for the early drag racing modeler.
I have nothing but praise for your products, and recommend your stuff to any one building early drag racing models.
Thanks again for all the effort to provide us old drag racing modelers with some period correct items for our builds,
you go above and beyond what the casual builder would expect. Best Regards, Ed Noga

Just wanted to let you know the Mr. Unswitchable kit arrived yesterday and is FANTASTIC.
I don't know how you do it, but this kit your BEST yet.
It seems like every time I get something from you the quality gets better & better.
I'll take this to our model club meeting this Sunday and hopefully get some more orders for you.
Of all the resin casters I've dealt with over the years your service & products are by far the best.
 Keep up the great work!, Vernon Hayden

I have just had a good look over the Rivera Wagon Master Dragster body and would like to say
It is the best piece of resin i have ever bought, It is amazing!!!
I have a lot of resin kits from all different places and yours is second to none,
Thanks again, I will be buying more from you soon.
Cheers, Bruce Swallow

 Your castings are the best I have ever purchased over the internet and now I know that I will continue to check your web site first
when searching for parts. Please keep up the great work!
Frank Ianucilli

I just looked at the "in progress" pics of the Mr. Unswitchable GTO......amazing, amazing, amazing!!!
You are definitely in a "class...no, LEAGUE of your own" and NO ONE that I have purchased from can match the excellence and lengths of craftsmanship/accuracy
that you put into to not only duplicate in miniature, but to ensure that you sell a QUALITY product that is more than worth your prices!!  AMAZING!!!
Clean-up work is VERY minimal, and NEVER a problem/difficulty in whatever work I have to do to get it ready to paint!!
LOVE IT!! Thanks again, and keep those amazing projects/bodies coming!!  DON'T STOP!! :-)

I will be going to one of the local Car Club Swap meets soon and praise your products and website!
Thank you again.

I just wanted to let you know what a great job on the Tommy Ivo 4 engine dragster wagon master resin model.
This was one of my favorite dragsters when I was a young boy, and it still makes my heart speed up when I see pics of it.
Shipping was superfast and I will be ordering more from your fantastic site.
5 out of 5 stars, and thank you very much. Fantastic job and service.
, Ben Lampson

Hey there Scott-- the parts just came in, and boy howdy--
they are well worth the wait!! .....this has alla the detail that I was hoping for!......
your castings are top-notch, and amazing quality!.......and you can quote me, there!......
I have another motor from another place, that is un-impressive, compared to yours!
Yours look much more like styrene models parts.
thanks again,  Richard "Pontiac" Lowry

Hi Scott, I received my order, and as always, very nice work.
The Halibrand's I ordered do work fine in the M&H Racemasters we talked about.
The 9"  cheater slicks are outstanding, will work great for the projects I have in mind.
The Enderle Ram Tubes are the best aftermarket items I have ever ordered.
The diameter seems perfect where the others I have look a little out of scale, too large.
 Once again, thanks for the great items you produce.  Dale Bennet

"The Stone, Woods & Cook Mustang Funny Car is amazing !
When you compare the model to a picture of the original car it is amazing how accurate it is,
the interior tub is amazing also, this was a real accomplishment.
the attention to detail is incredible. Am exited to see what is coming next.    thanks Ed Mazur

Got my order this weekend and I'm VERY HAPPY ! Super nice stuff !!!!!
Definitely worth the wait.
Again, thanks for offering and producing these parts.
Really pleased with them.

This is the stuff that makes show stoppers. Tim KolankiewiczI received my order today and I am very pleased with the craftsmanship and detail in your products.
I really like the way you are molding your tires so that no tread detail is lost.
 You can be sure I will be ordering from you again.  Thanks, Dale Bennett

Hi Scott, I had a read on your site about how you make the tires.. holy moly!.. that's dedication to detail.
Achieving accurate detail on small parts like that would've had me running around the room screaming.

I'm totally impressed by your level of detail, accuracy and quality.
I've used various aftermarket resin parts.. for instance the resin wheel parts I got from (S.M.B.C ) are horrible.. loads of pinholes.
not properly shaped and the resin parts simply curled up as soon as they arrived.
Your welcome to use my text on your site.. and thank you for making my re-found hobby a real pleasure.
Regards, Nick in the UK

Hello Scott, Just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you for the fantastic products you've been offering.
My long nose Mustang Funny Car arrived yesterday and like the long nose Camaro F/C I got a few weeks ago, LOOKS FANTASTIC !
Your quality is the best I've seen in the resin business and the subjects you offer are unbelievable.
I always enjoy your new products and will be back for more. 
You are fantastic to buy from and I appreciate everything you do for the modelers.
Vernon  Hayden

Model parts have arrived.. and thank you very much they are terrific!
Cant believe how good the detail is on all the pieces.
Absolutely no clue how you make or what you make the tires out of, but the are outstanding too.
Regards and thank you for your good work. Nick in the UK.

The Wagon Master resin arrived today
What a super piece of resin art.. smooth and no voids as well.. really first class molding I must say. Regards: Nick in the UK

I Just received your long nose Camaro A/FX and as usual,
I was extremely pleased with the workmanship and execution of said subject.
The fit of the interior shell is one of the best I've seen yet. Daryl Tremblay

I just received the the ’67 long nose Camaro.
WOW freaking awesome! thanks for providing great service and products . Bill Jones

I saw the Camaro's on your site.. One word Sir, WOW!
You really did your homework on these.. Great work. YES! I will have to have one.
Just beautiful work.. You are a credit to our hobby.. Looking forward to it. Keep up the great work.
Richard Shanner MSgt IL/ANG
Hi Scott, The Camaro's arrived, and you are a modeling GOD!!! Damn boy, these are beautiful!!!!
They are absolute jewels.... Thank you very much, now I'm off to the hobby shop to get some Evergreen round stock.
Thanks for making my day!!!
Richard Shanner MSgt IL/ANG

I received the parts today.
They are some of the best resin castings I've ever seen.
I am very satisfied with the parts and your fast shipping.
It was at my door less than 2 weeks after I ordered.
Expect another order soon!
Thank You, Ross Knisely

Package arrived today...freakin' gorgeous looking resin, my friend. Thanks, Greg Myhra

I've bought 3 resin kits, from 3 different people. And that 65 Plymouth AFX was the best resin kits I've seen yet,
that I got from U. Just simply a super nice kit. Rod Steward

Thank you for being the leader in nostalgia drag racing resin bodies and parts. Jim Polli

Hi, I just received my recent order and wanted to compliment you on the quality of your resin parts.
I purchased a ’67 Buick Skylark G/S 400 and front spring assortment pack.
The detail of the body is unbelievable and the bumpers and grille is just outstanding.
I will be telling others about Speed City Resin.
I’m looking forward to using these and will certainly order from you again.
Thanks, Paul Huntington

Speed City Resin has some of the most original subjects and best quality parts out there.
I have used many Speed City Resin parts on my own builds with excellent results and will use more in the future.
Keep up the great work Speed City Resin !
Pro Tech Model Parts

Hi, I just received my recent order and wanted to take a few minutes to compliment you on the quality of your resin parts.
I purchased a 392 Hemi engine and MT valve covers along with some Hilborn and Enderle injectors and the clean,
crisp moldings absolutely knocked my socks off! I’m looking forward to using these and will certainly order from you again. Thanks!
Regards, Tony Radmilovich

Hello Scott,
Thank you so much for your very fast shipping.
Since september 1996 and the how to build the Landy' s Dodge AFX I want to build it.
Your Dodge is soooo nice, tires and engines parts too!!
Your web site is a pleasure too.
Mes sincères félicitations!!!
Bravo pour votre ouvrage, you are an artist!!
Vive SpeedCity!!!

Thanks for sending the Lil' Screamer Ford Coupe so promptly, a beautiful casting.
The attention to detail is amazing. I feel special to have gotten the first casting!
The parts were also first rate.Thanks again, I will be ordering more in the future, Ed Noga

You must be Injection Molding this stuff!  But what ever your doing Please KEEP IT UP! cause Your Product is AWESOME ! ,  Rod Grau

I have made three purchases to date. Each one has met my needs perfectly. Beautiful castings !
I found prices to be very fair. Keep up the good work and I'll keep stuffing my after market parts model piggie bank. Dutch

Just letting you know that the bodies arrived a couple of days ago.

I'm really impressed with your resin work, it's outstanding. Cheers, Nick Nicholas
Thanks for the compliments Nick, I'm glad your happy with our products !!!
Can I use that statement on our testimonial page ?

Go for it Scott, you know I just checked and I have over 165 resin bodies and pieces in the "Store Room"
and like I said your's are outstanding. I just can't get over how thin that Barracuda AFX body is. Cheers, Nick

Just to let you know everything arrived today -
Thanx again for making this stuff available. And the Hilborn Hemi manifold lives up to the sales pitch :)
I also really like the wrinkle wall slicks (I've ordered several in past from different A/M suppliers - these are the best.) ,Mike Day

Recieved my order today. everything is FANTASTIC!
Was first order with you, but not the last. will be ordering the '66 Valiant Funny Car from you real soon.
THANKS, Jim Mulligan

I got the '65 Marlin Funny Car Today, and I must tell you that I am HAPPY with the Quality very much!
Very Nicely Done! I have been wanting to build that car for 15 years, even bought 2 stock Johan kits to try and do it!
I Want more Speed City Yes SIR. I will be adding another Order. Your stuff is AWESOME! been building for a long time { I am 53}
I will send you some Pics of my builds sometime in the future.  I NEED more SPEED CITY THANK YOU! Rod Grau

"It just amazes me how you can do these models so thin.
I have had a couple that were like 8 scale inches thick.
Like I said before...... your stuff is "Top Shelf", Dave Powell

I have ordered twice from you and I must say that your wheels and especially your tires are magnificent!
Thanks for making these great products!
Maths Westerburg

Thanks for the additional advice on making the cuts for the '67/'68 Barracuda F/C A-Pillars.
I didn't know how bad those Polar Lights bodies were until I compared theirs to yours. Thanks, Ed Mazur

Speed City Barracuda F/C body shown on the right

I just received my order of the '68 Barracuda Funny Car & M/T Big Block Valve Covers.
The quality is superb, especially the M/T valve covers. I have never seen detail like this in this scale before.
Thanks & keep up the good work,   Ed Mazur

All the items I recently ordered from you have worked out beautifully, and are of top-notch quality!
Victor Boucher

Hello, I received my order today and I must say that I'm very pleased with my merchandise.
You offer sum real nice stuff and I will be ordering more stuff in the future.
Thank you for making such great items available.
Sincerely, Don Franchi

Just got my order today and I'm really impressed.
You guys took a while to get the BBC Valve Covers out but, unlike some people, rather than just throw something out there you waited till you did them RIGHT!
Thanks Again, Steve Szalus

Order arrived today and yes, I do love your products!  No warp, no holes to fill, smooth----top quality work sir!
Over the years I have purchased resin products from a variety of resin casters and now I can say that there are two I think are the best,
That would be Speed City and Don Holthaus.  You guys do totally different subjects but your stuff is top of the line.  You are also the master  of the "Master"
I have more projects in mind and we WILL do business again.  Thank you for your quality and attention to detail.
Have an enjoyable holiday season!         George Woods

Your new stuff arrived today and believe me it was worth the wait.
I can't say enough good things about them.
Dave   KKz

I just received my order and once again WOW! Top notch stuff thanks again. Bill Jones

Hello, Just wanted to let know, my order arrived yesterday and once again looks fantastic.
Thanks for the great products & service. Vernon Hayden

I just got my order in today's mail and got a chance to break open the envelope. I've gotta say, I can't wait to hit my modeling table later this evening.
The parts you're producing are really a knockout. The quality is excellent; the parts look better in real life than the photos on your website can convey.
These are going to give my current project the realism and "pop" that I was hoping for. It makes me wish I had unlimited time and an unlimited budget,
because many things you are producing as I look through your catalog have really inspired a lot of ideas for subsequent projects.
Thanks so much for the great service and products... ultimately a really solid value.
You can bet I'll be back!
Thanks again, Steve Kenyon

P.S. please feel free to use this on your testimonials page if you wish to.

Hi Scott, Received your '67-'68 Barracuda Funny Car today. Very nice and clean! Just what I would expect from Speed City.
Well worth the money. Thanks again., Jim

I received the two models today, and I can tell you without a doubt, they are the best I've ever seen!
I've been doing this stuff for over 30 years, and suffered through some not-so-hot resin stuff.
I look forward to doing business with you again. Regards, Eric Goldschrafe


Hi, I received my order a couple of days ago, all I can say is 'WOW!'! I've ordered resin from other guys,
but nothing that could compare to your stuff! Your work is excellent my friend! I will be ordering other items from you! All I can say is,
" You da man!" Thanks. Toney Cimini

WOW! you guys weren't kidding.......... these are nice!
You really did your homework, the donor kit parts fit perfect,
the bodies are crisp, the prep is minimal. what else can i say except there Bicthin'.
Rick "The Hammer" Shepard
Racine, Wisconsin

I just couldn't let the day go by without contacting you to let you know my order arrived.
The parts are "TOTALLY OUTSTANDING" the ACCURACY is unbelievable.
The Manifolds, Injectors
and the "HEMI" valve covers are beyond words.
Everything is "PERFECTION" to say the least. Looking forward to showing the guys the parts at our next meeting.

Hello Scott, I received my parts from you yesterday. As usual, the quality was beyond expectation.
You and your guys always seem to have a handle on the things that "nostalgia" builders as myself have been looking for,
for so long. Case in point, those gorgeous 9" Cheater Slicks, and finally a decent set of Drag 500 slicks for the early pro stock cars.
I was totally blown away by the '67/'68 Cuda FC body shell. It is a perfect match for the Mazmanian car and finally I can get to work on this kit.
The Chevy fuel injection set up also impressed me so much, that I have ordered 2 more.
Once again, thanks for making this old modeler happy. Have a great day and chat with you later.
Regards, Daryl Tremblay

I just opened the box, You outdid yourself on this one! The '67/'68 Barracuda funny car body is the sweetest resin body I have ever laid my hands on!
Please feel free to use that quote as a testimonial.
We're supposed to get 10 inches of snow tomorrow and I'll be trapped inside my house with this body and my modified donor kit and decals.
What better way to spend a snowstorm.
Thanks, Ed Fortuna

I wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanx! This was my first order with Speed City and I have to say the quality is first rate, as good as I've seen,
and the order fill was lightning fast. The new Enderle injectors will add a new dimension to my dragsters. I'm glad you have at last released them.
It's what prompted my first order with you - but it won't be may last!
Thanks again, Bernard Kron

Hi Scott... Just wanted to let you know I got my parts. Fantastic ! The quality is superb.
It’s the little stuff like these parts that let me build to the level I demand for myself.
Thanks again... Dave DeCoster

Hi, Just dropping you a note to tell you that I got the bodies and they are fantastic!
The guys at the model club told me you were good and I am glad I listened to them. Your bodies are exceptional!
I am more than pleased. Thank you, Joseph J. Bryan

Thanks Joesph, We try to do our best and really keep the modeler in mind when creating our products.
As I too am a model builder, and want to build the models I create, so there done right the first time !
Can we use your last email in our testimonials page ?

Yes, you may. I believe that when someone does a good job others should know about it.
In this day and age when there are many rip-offs and low quality workmanship it is good to know that there are people like you who do exceptional work.
For anyone out there who is thinking of buying bodies from this site, rest assured that you are getting the best.
Joseph J. Bryan

G'day, Just wanted to let you know that the 65 Plymouth Sedan I ordered arrived today.
I had looked at your products on the website it was apparent that you put alot of work into producing high quality products.
Having said that, I was VERY happy when I opened the box.
I have bought resin bodies from different manufacturers both here in Australia and from the USA and I have to say this is the best, sharpest, cleanest body I have ever purchased. I am sure this body will build up into an excellent model and once it is complete, I will be ordering other kits from your range.
Keep up the great work.
Cheers, Matt Collins

Just a quick note to say thank you for promoting the hobby of nostalgia drag model cars.
Your resin bodies and parts are the finest..... if not the best!
Your efforts are grand and I really appreciate it. Please keep up the good work.
Thanks again. Jim Polli

WOWWWWW! This is my first Speed City order (Tires, Cragars, AFX set) and I knew it would be great.
But I was wrong. The stuff us better than great. These are the best tires I've ever seen, head and shoulders above everyone else's, including Comp.Resin's.
Can't wait to start ordering your bodies. Again, thanks for all you do. Mike Mueller

Hello ! I just wished to let you know that I have received my Tommy Ivo's Riviera Wagon Master today.
The casting is incredibly clean & smooth (well worth the price), & your service was second to none (fast, friendly & reliable).
Please publish those comments in your "testimonials" section. Thank you again.
Bertrand JOSEPH (a happy French buyer)

Just dropping you a line to say that I received my 65 Gene Snow Dart and as usual, the quality was top notch.
Everything fit to a "T", mind you, with your company I wouldn’t expect anything less.
Oh, and by the way, those new rubber racing slicks that you folks have produced are totally awesome, especially the Good Year brand.
They definitely fill a void in the model world that was sorely needed. Good job!
I find myself using these on more than just early AFX cars, they make great slicks for all sorts of classes of racing as one can sand off the sidewall detail if necessary,
and update them with Shabo dry transfers for more modern cars. I will be ordering more. Anyway, have a great day and talk to you soon. Regards, Daryl Tremblay

Received my order in record time and was really happy with the quality and detail !
"Wrinkle Walls Slicks" were just what I needed and I showed them around at our meeting and gave them rave reviews in our club newsletter.
Please feel free to use my comments on your site. If I'm having to buy a resin body to do a build, it would make since to get the best.
Thanks, Ron Minton

Hello, I just received the long nose mustang , , holy $#!T man, I have honestly never seen resin items this good,
and i have bought from Good Stuff , Jimmy Flintstone , and ALL the others !
You have made a new and repeat customer out of me, I will make another purchase real soon, thank you again , Frankie

Hello Scott, Just dropping a quick line to let you know the 65 Dodge Coronet AFX I ordered arrived up here safe and sound. In one word:
Its beautiful!! You nailed it! It looks like a styrene kit,and cleans up in minutes.I can even read the emblem on the trunk lid!
Compared to the last car I bought from a local caster up here, this will be a dream build. Will order again.
Barry Kennedy Ont. Canada

The'65 Plymouth AFX and parts arrived today. They look terrific! Can't wait to get the '65 Dodge Coronet AFX.
Thanks for your service, quality and talent!!! Tim Hennessey

( Owners of the real MACH IV Mustang 4- engine Dragster )
We received our MACH IV Mustang Dragster model kit, and it looks so neat. The body is like looking at our car in miniature....
(which, of course, is what it is). Cool! , Gary & Jill Weckesser

The '65 Plymouth Sedan AFX arrived yesterday....... It is beautiful !!!
I'm curious, Do you use injection molding for your resin? It is so crisp and smooth. The reason I ask is I work with State Tool and Die,
building model railroad masters of steel mill cars. Your bodies look like our injection molded plastic.
Anyway, I've now got two of your body/ kits. I will be ordering move!
Aaron Dupont



Hi Guy's !
As a big fan of 60's era Drag Racing subjects, I'm always on the lookout for cool modeling subjects and Speed City Resin
Models of Castaic California definitely has my number! I've mentioned their kits in the past and forward their newsletter to
you whenever I get it because I think their products are top-notch and offer terrific value for the money. When Scott
announced his latest round of 60's era Altered Wheelbase Funny car kits, I ordered all four of them right away. (So much
for my grandson's college education!) The first two arrived about 2 weeks ago and when I got them, I was truly stunned.
Both of these subjects have been done by other resin casters in the past (I have those, too) but these are the first resin
kits I've seen of these subjects that are truly easy to build. At least they look like that to me. In addition to well proportions
and accurate bodies, both kits come with virtually all the parts you might otherwise have to scratch-build or heavily modify
from existing kit parts, like the chassis, interior tubs, bumpers, headlight covers, etc. Parts like the suspensions, seats,
engines, and wheels can come from other kits. Added to this is the incredible molding quality of the kits themselves.
They're molded in white resin and if there wasn't resin flash in the windows and hood areas, you would swear this was styrene plastic.
Anyway, if you have even the slightest interest in 60's era drag cars, you really ought to buy at least one of these
and see how resin casting has progressed in recent years. These are amazing!
,Skip Samples

Just picked up my box with the 1966 Longnose Barracuda...guess what? Can I say FLAWLESS ?!!!! JUST AMAZING AGAIN,
Scott!! I've waited 44 YEARS for this body!!! And let me tell you, the wait was WORTH IT!!!! LOVE THIS VERSION!!!
You've once again SUCCESSFULLY made making these "classic" bodies a whole lot easier for us to make the cars of our "heroes" in miniature!
Thank you so much for this resin kit!!! ,CRAIG

I got the '65 Plymouth AFX and '66 Long Nose Barracuda resin kits today and as expected,
they're extremely nice and put the other resin kits I have of these subjects to shame.
If it weren't for the resin flash in some of the openings, I'd swear these were injected plastic.
Nice job and I'm really looking forward to seeing the '65 Dodge Coronet AFX and the Charlie Allen Dart.
,Skip Samples

Hi Scott, Yesterday was a good day! I Received the '65 Chevelle Funny Car and '65 Plymouth AFX. Amazing quality - as good as the best plastic kits, and better than many.
Looking forward to building them. I like the new resin material. The Chevelle has been released recently in plastic as a dirt track kit so chrome and glass is easy for it.
Looking forward to the Coronet AFX and the upcoming wheels & tires.
thanks, Steve

Just picked up my box with the FLYING DUTCHMAN body and PARTS!!!!! WOW!!! Can I say "WOW" again?!?!?! FLAWLESS!!
You keep getting these things better and better and raising the notch up each time I order something new!!! LOVE IT!!
Now, all we need is for SLIXX to do a decal for that body, huh? THANKS SO MUCH!!! Well-worth the wait!!!

Just wanted to let you know I received my order today. Was pleased with the fast processing and shipment of the items I ordered.
The castings are excellent and well made and I look forward to building mine soon. I will be placing another order with you in the near future.
Thank you very much.
Glenn Rice

Just wanted to let you know that I received the Buick safe and sound on Thursday, and it IS a beautiful piece!!
The conversion work on the master is perfectly symmetrical and cleanly done, and the casting appears to look like a vintage mint AMT piece - couldn't ask for nicer workmanship!!
Thanks for doing what you do!! Thanks again, Kurt Lamlein

I just received my 65 Plymouth A/FX kit.Wow man is it great.The body is spot on.You have the best resins on the market.Its almost like working with plastic, I love it !
Looking forward to more new body's to build up. Again your stuff is the best.
Thanks You do a great service for our hobby. truly, nitro ron

I would just like to thank you for a recent purchase of Gene Snow's Dart. I've made purchases from five other competitors, but none
meets your quality and craftsmanship. Looking forward to future purchases and keep up the good work.
Sincerely, Mark Larson

I've purchased a LOT of resin bodies in my life from a lot of different sources, and I can honestly say that I've never seen anything better than what this company produces, not even the high-end European stuff or even Replicas & Miniatures.I have purchased several items over the last couple of years and have been very satisfied with both quality and the speed of delivery.
,Skip Samples The San Diego Model Car Club "CONCOURS"

HI , Just to let you know my 1st order arrived today. it was a GREAT PLEASURE to see the EXTREME HIGH QUALITY WORKMANSHIP in your castings,
Keep up the AWESOME WORK. I can't wait till my next order comes in

The quality of your castings and the high level of service you offer puts you streets ahead of the other guys.
You have single handedly restored my confidence in resin model companies !!!
I have been telling everyone out here ( in Australia) that I know in the model car community about your products,
with the hopes that they too will feel comfortable in ordering from the US, as you have been 100% reliable (is this a bad choice of words?) in your business dealings with me.
Richard Fry

Speed City,
I received my order last week and to say that I am impressed would be an understatement. To see resin bodies with a sheen on them,
and I am not talking about left over mold release oil, is definitely a step in the right direction.
Kudos to you and your staff for taking the time to produce not only a fine product, but one that is very painstakingly accurate.
It shows the passion that you folks have for scale realism.
Thank you so much and look forward to more of my business. Keep up the good work.
PS. I am definitely looking forward to getting my 70’s Cuda FC body.
Regards, Daryl Tremblay

Hello Speed City,
I received my 70’s Cuda body shell.You people have really captured the funny car look with this body as I have a few other Cuda body shells from other resin casters and when one compares them side by side, you can really see the difference. I am not knocking the others, but I do prefer your rendition, and once again you folks have hit a home run with the finish and particularly the finish of the inside of the body shell. This shell almost seems like the true scale thickness of the 1:1 car. I cannot see where I will have to do any grinding with the old trusty Dremel. Have a great day and keep up the good work. Regards, Daryl Tremblay

BEAUTIFUL pieces on the Wagon master, the Hilborn manifold, and the injectors!!!! I've read the reviews on your bodies, and I must agree that they are just about like professional styrene bodies from the major model companies!!! (Maybe even BETTER!!!) The clean-up will be minimal, and it looks like you've already done quite a bit of clean-up already!! THANK YOU!!!!! NICE to not have to DRILL out the window openings, too!!! (I've gotten some before that I had to start with a hole and then Dremel the rest out!!), Craig Takamori

As always fantastic work, and devotion to your items. This works for me and many others, as your testimonies prove.
Thanks for your quick reply back. With this kind of response I knew I better make it worth your time.
and make a immediate purchase with your listing on ebay this should also be a fantastic way for you to advertise your products.
I've always loved your work and new listing's as well, keep this up.
Looking forward to my next or continued purchases from you.
Thanks once again and happy upcoming Holidays.
Mark Johnson

Dear Speed City Resin,
I just received my Ivo Wagon master today and when my wife opened it and presented to me I was blown away!
As a modeler who has purchased resin from many companies over the years I can say honestly that the quality is the best I have seen.
The only other company in your league was All American a few years back. Very impressive my friend.
I will be a return customer and will spread the word to my model buddies!
I wasn't sure if my timing for ordering was very good for you but you got it out in a timely manner and I appreciate it.
That is a pleasant experience in a world where some resin companies take a long time to ship with no explanation as to why.
If you wish to post my compliments on your site I would sum it up by saying very user friendly product that a resin beginner can have success with,
as it is close to working with styrene, very reasonably priced and very accurate as well.
Thank you Speed City. Sincerely-Mark Soulsby

Just thought I would pass along to you guys that I received my order of 2 of Speed City's 67 GS's today. Man Scott did one hell of a job on this body!!
The new resin he's using would almost pass for styrene. A definite must have!!! Cap ......
Vintage Drag Models Inc.

Ok I received my Wagonmaster bodies from Speed City today.
All I can say is that I haven't seen this quality since All American Models was in business.
The bodies are as thin as styrene. The molding and detail are crisp and precise.
Well worth the money in my opinion. In addition to the Wagonmaster I also ordered their 66 AWB Corvair and an extra square tube AWB chassis that they do.
I will be placing some more orders for sure. The owner kinda hinted at what his next project is and you won't believe it !!!!
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We couldn't do it without you guy's !
Thank you, Scott Kapellusch